Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My new store is up and filling up with jewelry

I have been hard at work. Taking tons of pictures, editing the best and then listing jewelry on my new store. Now you can all see what I have been making in my little office for the past 2 years that only people at my jewelry classes have seen. It has been a long fall. First I was disappointed when I didn't get to teach so I took a break. But slowly I've picked up steam. So many ideas so little time. Right now I am listing more than I am creating but I did make some sterling silver pendants for my new Faith Line. They are cute pendants that say True Love Waits and have a swarovski heart crystal hanging down the middle. This was a project the youth leader at our church asked me to make. I showed her what I came up with tonight and she loved it. I will post pictures tommorow. They turned out really good. They aren't quite finished because I ordered a heart stamp and I need to add that when it arrives in a few days.

Here is just a sample of the jewelry in my shop.

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