Thursday, February 17, 2011

Share the Love 2 great artists to visit

Today I decided to check out my followers and find out what great stuff they have to share. My first great find was Marion at M's Place on etsy she has the most beautiful polymer clay creations.

Here are my favorites

Such tiny beautiful flowers and leaves it reminds me of spring which I cannot wait for anymore.

And this colorful pendant it has to take a lot of work to make this beautiful piece.

Some day I am going to learn to use polymer clay. I signed up for a class last fall but it was canceled so I am still waiting.

Another Great Artist I found was Elizabeth Auld and her etsy shop Beads for busy gals' shop

I had to google her to find her shop where is your blog girl lol

but here is her shop on etsy

i love her little bit naughty necklace

It looks so elegant and I love the layered look. It really pops.

Her Copper Green Necklace is really cool too I love the layered look it adds so much interest and the green reminds me of you guessed it spring. Oh how I long for warmth. Such a beautiful piece.

These two pieces are feeding my muse as to what to make with my bead soup. Layered is on my mind.

Please visit these two artists and share the love.

Thanks Ladies for the great eye candy and inspiration now I am ready to go hit the beading table.


  1. Thank you for your nice comments and photos of my pieces!

  2. Wow! What a lovely surprise - thanks for the shout out. And yes, I need to make the link to my shop much more obvious :-)