Friday, February 25, 2011

So ready for the big day tommorow

I have my post all ready to go with the reveal for tommorow. I was stressing about getting those pictures taken today and was worried about the light but for the first time I didn't have to adjust the light at all I think I have found my picture taking spot. Forget the light box these needed less tweeking.

So while you all wait or are frantically writing your post for tommorow I finally got a few pictures of me and the kids. Don't really want to show my picture. It shows all the weight I have put on. It's been a hard winter and with fibromyalgia exercise is hard painful and tiring. I get the stretching in but not enough exercise so hopefully this can motivate me to get out and walk or do something to take off that extra weight.

So here is a glimpse of my kids and I without any bickering kids, dirty looks, scowls, tongues or all those things my kids never stop except when we take pictures. Enjoy them it's the only time you'll see them together hugging and smiling at the same time. lol

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