Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Art Collaboration Week - Egyptian Art

I have been having a busy week at the kids school.  Once a quarter all the teachers get half a day to collaborate their lessons and while they are busy the parents take over the school.   Every mom that is available shows up prepared to immerse the kids in art education.  Being mom of 1st, 5th and 6th graders I get to do it 3 times during the week.  This week the topic was Ancient Egyptian Art.  Which seems to be coinsiding with conflict in Egypt. We have quite the set up.  We have an art wall with our talented mother Janet Chaote who I was blessed to share art mom duties with in Kindergarten last year.  She spends half an hour explaining and talking about Egyptian art with the backdrop of some of the awsome Egyptian art pictures that the School District supplies for us.  Then we watch about half an hour of videos about egyptian art this week it was some videos from national geographic and some fun stuff the bangles "walk like an Egyptian" and Steve Martin's "King Tut"  which the first graders loved imensely.  
     Then it is time to make art.  For first Graade unfortunately I was all by my self with 22 wild little ones and didn't even get a chance to think about pulling out a camera.  We made little shrink Plastic falcon necklaces that I printed out on the school printer and the kids colored with colored pencils and then we painted pictures of King Tut's death mask.  Then I ran out of things to do and still had half an hour to use up.  So we watched some more videos and talked about what we had learned.  And I was thankful that I was not a full time teacher.  That was Monday.  

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