Sunday, January 30, 2011

Picture with Canon D60 Camera
Picture with Kodak easy share camera
How much difference does a light box and a 1300 dollar camera make to your pictures Here is some samples with as of yet no training on the new camera.  I had to lower the resolution of all my pictures to use on etsy and art fire.  My first files were way too big.  Even with no training and only a simple light box set up I have much better pictures close ups are beautiful and clear and no more fuzzy pictures.  Still a bit dark so I do still lighten them up but other than that they don't need any touch up.  Now I am busy working on entering new images for all my listings and taking tons of pictures of things that have not been listed.  Probably won't list everything as I do lots of bazaars.  I am praying right now about what way I am going to go this year  Spend my Saturdays at the Farmers Market from April until December or roam here and there to different venues.  It is getting that time of year when I will need to start turning in applications and dishing out money.  My hubby is fine with either but it is still a stretch to give up Saturdays and sleeping in and to be working hard all week to make new product if I am sucessful.  Then of course I have to get in so it is still just a thought and a dream.  Trying to pick my way and come up with some awsome pictures for a portfolio to send out to prospective bazaars.  Most of the bazaars were a dead end with no one making much of anything I'm talking $5-10 so spending all day and paying someone to do it.  So trying to move up to better venues and not such small cheap ones.  I did do really well at 2 of the 4 venues making $260 at one and $150 at the other and my home venue made $170 but I still have tons of stuff to sell and didn't do many events last year.  Here's to a new year and to making a profit this year.

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