Thursday, January 20, 2011

New pictures and the rough drafts of my new jewelry line

i took 360 pictures and only got through 2 trays of jewelry. I was looking at my hand stamped jewelry and decided that I need to add a little bling to make it stand out a little more. That is the project for tommorow.

What are your suggestions for inprovements on these items. On of these will probably be my give away prize next week. What would you want yours to say?

My little earrings did not come out well at all on camera. These are just my rough ideas for this item. I think I will knot the 2 sides of the pendant and probably use a smaller pendant. Exact stamping is also a must. Which requires getting in the groove and having no distractions. I've learned that stamping is not easy and it takes lots of practice not to make mistakes. The little image stamps are way harder than letters as they don't take with just one wack you have to rotate the stamp but not move it to get a good image. These also still need a good shine which will help tremendously These are in aluminum so tommorow i will graduate to sterling silver. And I just got 20 new 1 inch ss blanks in so time for some fun and exact work. So we will see how I can improve on these tommorow.

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