Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jewelry Lessons Website Review

I want to blog more this year and would love new students to learn about all the great resources there are online.  One of my favorite sites is www.jewelrylessons.com.   Jewelry lessons is like  meeting of all the creative and talented jewelry makers and being able to pick their brains about jewelry making, jewelry buying and jewelry selling.   Almost all the great jewelry teachers I have meet online are on jewelry lessons and most of them share their great design by posting  tutorials of how to make that amazing jewelry you see on ETSY and Artfire.   The number of tutorials is astounding 707 to date and the beauty, complexity, and diversity is amazing.  And best of all for all those beginners experts list free tutorials of all those skills beginners need before they can jump in and make the amazing jewelry they see on this site I found 124 for $2 and less- most of those were free.   Don't worry they have a whole search engine set up to search by name, difficulty, price,  so you can find those free ones quickly.   Because well you see we think all those beginners things are simple and can be found all over the internet but the truth is us beginners have no idea were to look and there are lots of bad directions all over.  But this site is a gold mine.  Because these tutorials show every step in color with pictures and written directions and make it all so easy.   Not only that but each tutorial has a rating system where the people that buy the tutorial and make jewelry with it rate it and can leave comments, questions, and even pictures of their completed jewelry so you can see just how great their directions are and how people follow those directions can make the piece of jewelry.  And if you have a question you can ask it and the writer of the tutorial will answer it.  How awesome is that.  The cool thing is if you pick a tutorial that was too hard just leave it take some easier ones and then go back and try it again it will still be there waiting for you not lost in your mess of papers or in computer file land.

    Here is a pendant and earring from a tutorial by feelingstone  that I bought on www.jewelrylessons.com you can find these for sale on my artfire store.

  Along with tutorials the site also has forums, articles and people post all their favorite jewelry to look at and you can request a tutorial of any thing you like.  It has lots of great buttons where you can save your favorites,  see your tutorials on line and decide if you want to print them out or just save them on the site.

   Oh and did I mention they have polymer clay, silver clay, and soldering tutorials...and who know what else. And if you don't think you can make it your self contact the artist or me and I will see if I am up to the challenge.   I love to make new things so lets do it.

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