Saturday, January 15, 2011

My week

This has been an interesting week full of highs and lows. I have been selling off all that extra stuff cluttering up my office and so started a supply shop on etsy and have listed a bunch of stuff. I have gotten more sales then I did last year in my jewelry shop in 12 days. But that is how it goes so easy to sell jewelry supplies on a site full of jewelry makers and crafters, not so easy to sell jewelry with the other litterally million pieces of jewelry on there. So I have been happily driving over to the post office on a regular basis. The second awsome thing was my friend Robin who I met at church who makes gemstone necklaces brought her son Jesse over to get supplied for making wire wrapped jewelry. He descovered wire wrapping and discovered that it was very relaxing. Anyways they bought a full jewelry tool kit, too a bunch of my destash wire and The big thing. They like the way I wrapped some opals that Robin had given me to wrap. Now she wants me to wrap a big box of opals at $20 a piece.
I wish I had pictures but with no camera I can't show you. That leads to the other awsome news my new much improved Canon EOS D60 arrived- along with a memory card, a tripod- and lights to go with my previously purchased table top camera tent. So now I am waiting on my new Lens which is slated to arrive monday. Then I hope to be able to figure it out enough to take some jewelry, supplies, and studio pictures.

Other big news I have joined several on line jewelry groups and the first one is a bead soup party hosted by Lori over on her blog. I will be sending off some very pretty beads to a lucky person and they will be sending me back some pretty beads and we will be creating some jewelry with them then posting our results on line.

And I have posted a blog regularly for one week now. I am really trying to stretch myself to do new thing this year. I will post more great news in my next post. Coming up photos of the beginnings of my new jewelry line.


  1. Hello Krista,

    I am your bead soup blog party partner - Jenny. I've started following you as well - hope to share a great online blog friendship.

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