Sunday, March 20, 2011

Accepted at Meridian Urban Market

I am so excited I've done a few shows, some real bombs, and one decent 4th of july show last summer I applied to the local farmers markets and weekly markets but was put on the waiting list because they all had too many jewelry vendors. I started making some magnets for fun and tried selling some at my christmas show. It was my biggest seller. With these tight times sometimes people will only buy a $3 item. So I added it to my items to sell that and cell phone charms and bookmarks. I sold one piece of jewelry and $100 worth of magnets, cell phone charms and bookmarks so I decided to expand those products. Then Lately I added Magnet boards and different magnets and I keep getting more ideas in that area. the latest is adding magnetic pegs to my magnet boards to make a jewelry organizer, and adding tin containers to store stuff. So Even though I won't be selling jewelry at least at first until they have room for more jewelry i will have a booth full of new items I've made. I teach jewelry classes in meridian and if nothing else I might get a few new students for my local classes. I am so glad I have been getting a lot of rejections lately and I know it is beacause there is way to many people selling jewelry right now so I will take what I can get and I can still use those beads for things other than jewelry. And I still have classes to sell them at. I'm not giving up just expanding my horizons. The best thing about the market is it is on Thursday Evenings. So I don't have to give up all my Saturday mornings to sell. My hubby will be very glad about this I hope because Saturday is really the only day I have to spend with him that we can do something. I will still do some other shows this year but now that big pressure to find something is off my back. whew. Now I just hope that it all goes well and my stuff sells well. I teach classes in the same area on Tuesday Nights and it is totally dead so I hope this brings people back downtown or I might be groaning about this whole thing in a few months.

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