Monday, March 28, 2011

Button Soup Party - Got my buttons

I got my buttons in the mail this week and finally sent out some too.  I am doing a button swap blog party and each of us needed to exchange at least 3 buttons and one of them had to have special meaning. Michelle Mach is heading up the party and you can find out more at her blog button swap party Here is want I received - 5 very cute buttons. Shirley is my partner.  She said that the two hearts were made by her 10 year old daughter just for the swap.  They are my favorites you can't tell in the picture but they have some sparkly swirls in them.  So now I need to get to work to turn them into something really cute.  Don't you just love how the card she sent me (the background) matches all the colors in the buttons.  Now that is not easy to do with that aray of colors which tells me she put some thought into this.  Thanks for the beautiful buttons.  Check out Shirley's blog at shirley Moore's blog for the buttons I sent her.  I didn't get very good pictures before I sent them.  After she receives her buttons I will blog about them.  :)

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