Friday, March 4, 2011

The Blooming Rose

If youv'e never met my middle child she is an original individual. She's always been one that wasn't easily swayed or convinced to do what she didn't want to do. If you tried to get her to go faster so she could win racea she would just say that's ok I'd rather walk. When the kids played a game she didn't like she just came inside and did something she wanted to. She was the sweetest little kid but so socially ackward. School was rough, not only did she not fit in with the other girls, she'd rather hang out with the guys. But she struggled with reading and writing and all the letters came out backwards. She never finished her work on time and her head was in the clouds. I know she can really write because on lazy summer days she would be writing her own little adventure novels and I was always anxious to see what would happen next.
We finally discovered she has ADD inattentive disorder along with some learning disorders and for a while she struggled along ok with out any help from medication. But this year her teachers were really concerned because she was really struggling at school. I noticed it too she was tired all the time and had emotional outbursts that weren't easy calmed but 2 hours later she was my sweet angel telling me she was sorry and offering to help with anything at all. So not knowing what else to do we started the medication gauntlet and continue on it.

She's always struggled with not fitting in and not knowing what she was good at. She wasn't good at school, she's ackward with kids, she loves grownups but that doesn't help her much now. Well this week I witnessed the most wonderful thing.

My little 11 year old who started trying out for plays 4 years ago with such a shy demenor and timid voice but who never gave up and took what ever tiny part they would give her is Get this the Lead in the School Play. She has a whole book of lines and just a week to learn them. But I will forever have ingrained in my head a smiling jumping joyful girl in front of the whole school relishing in winning the lead role. I myself would be mortified and scared and would be sick until it was all over but she is on cloud nine.

Finally my sweet little middle child that struggles at everything in life, who hangs back and lets everyone else take the limelight gets to shine. I hope she takes this experience and realizes that even if she isn't the best at school and ackward socially that she is better at this one thing ---something that scares most people to death. Good luck My Little Rose be a Star this weekend and let your smile shine bright.


  1. No matter the reviews this is an opportunity for growth, for fun, for learning lessons to take you through life.

  2. Oh, you know that made me want to cry! She looks like my 10 year old, all long skinny hair, and big smile. So glad she is happy about the play, and excited. That's much bigger than any kind of reviews the show will get. Give her a big high five for me!

  3. The Show went very well and My daughter did wonderfully to a standing ovation. She is now very tired but happy and going to bed early. Grandpa and Grandma came and then came over for dinner and we had ice cream to celebrate the big day.

  4. Hey, thanks for your nice comment on my blog post. If you would like to join our challenge, you can actually sign up right now - I just posted about it yesterday....
    hope you will join in....

  5. Aww, so sweet! Thanks for sharing this and congrats to her. :) What a beautiful thing!

  6. What a wonderful experience for you daughter and a proud moment for you!
    I think I've experienced some similar things with one of my sons who is also a middle in our 4 boys. :-) There are up days and there are down days...but happy moments like these you will always cherish!

  7. So glad she found some things she's good at! Your experiance sounds very simular to what I'm going through at the moment with my boy! It's nice to know that other people have the same difficulties, and hopefully we will be able to find his tallent soon.