Thursday, March 10, 2011

Taking a day off

I got up this morning and boarded a plane to meet up with my hubby in San Jose Ca. He is off on business all day - team building they call it - really they are playing golf.

I am hanging out in the hotel room suite

Starting to get bored

This morning I tried out the leather bracelet tutorial and made a cute little bracelet with blue opal beads and black leather. Found out I started to close to the first knot and ended too close to the last knot so have a few beads sticking out otherwise it turned out great. Then I realize I can start over with the same beads and make it over. Duh... It took only about half an hour to make a 7 inch one next time I think I will make a 2 or 3 wrap one. Might as well go all the way except all that thread will be a challenge. It likes to tangle. I had to use nymo thread so that the thread would fit through the beads. I brought my awesome camera but not the cord to connect it to my computer. All in all not to bad on forgetting things much better than forgetting the camera.

This one isn't mine it's one off etsy. I added a link in there somewhere. I didn't bring many beads and left the tools at home. I'm always afraid some airport security guy that doesn't know the rules will steal them. Or keep me so long I miss my flight.

One thing I learned if you want to slow down the security line and get lots of scrutiny forget to put your dangerous makeup in a clear baggie. They searched it and x rayed it 3 times. Lol sorry I guess I don't travel often enough. Why not check out my camera or make me turn on my computer now my makeup is more dangerous?????

Isreal didn't care about my 1 liter diet coke but the US cares about my makeup and of course no drinks alowed. Ok if Isreal doesn't care don't you think the no drinks is more about getting more money off us poor travelers by making us buy something in the airport to drink.

the correct way

I got a free baggie for my trip home. wow free stuff.

Tommorow i am going to go visit the town. There is an egyptian museum here and I have to check it out while I have the chance. We did egyptian art week with the kids as school a few weeks ago so they want pictures and presents from there.

Then off to Kelley Park.

Suppose to be all sorts of historical buildings and some pretty parks. My hubby is checking out of this hotel so I will have to find a place to spend the day until he gets back at 7 pm. Might have to make him come pick me up somewhere. He is taking the GPS so he can pick up a car rental from the airport. So I will have to use the old fashioned way as I don't have a fancy cell phone.

Well I am off to plan my day for tommorow then off to find the exercise room and do something besides sit here on my computer.

It was so sweet I called my kids and they said they were all being really good. Then my youngest says I remember you told us about being a team. So Cute. Yesterday they were all moaning and groaning about having to get up in the morning and get themselves to school without mom to supervise. And telling me there was no way they could get along. So glad they decided to listen to their mom for once.

I figured if they wanted to fight then they would have to live with the consequences with no mom there to step in and fix it.

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  1. That looks like it would be fun to learn :) I'm always torn on trips too. What can I take safely on the plain? What can I pack? Did I forget something super important? I always seem to forget something. One time I packed up all my beads and other supplies and forgot my thread >_> As a bead weaver thread is rather important!