Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back on the blogging trail

It has been a hard two weeks.  I took a break from blogging, reading blogs and all stuff computer to get caught up on other things in life.  My booth is ready to run for the summer season and tommorow will be my first show of the season.  I am contimplating going or not because it is suppose to be cold and rainy.  I checked and the rain stops from 11-2  the show runs from 10-2 so it actually has a good chance of being decent weather but I am concerned about how rain proof my little tent is and I just bought brand new white walls for it that I don't want to ruin.  Actually I didn't think about the rain proofness of the tent until now.  O great now more negatives to sway me.  Sigh it is so hard to take that first step out to show off my new stuff.  I always get that fear that people won't like my stuff, that things are priced wrong too high or too low.   That my booth won't look good and on and on it goes.
  I was reading my little book of daily devotionals ABUNDANT LIVING and it was all about how can't keeps us from doing so many things our fears and doubts block us from doing all the things we can.  Sooooo I will go.  If my tent leaks I will pack up and go home and chalk it up as experience.  I will take food, hot coffee, warm clothes, and girl scout cookies that I just discovered in the pantry in my hiding place.  If You want one or maybe even two come visit me at BSU tommorow.  We will be set up right in the middle behind the administration building from 10-2.  But call me first and make sure I made it if it is pouring down rain in the morning and windy I won't be there.  I can't afford to ruin my tent and everything in it.



  1. Hope it went well! Let us know

  2. Hope you went, hope the weather was good and hope it went well sale wise!
    As Laura said, "let us know"

  3. We did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

  4. The computer can be a time suck.