Thursday, April 7, 2011

Forgiveness day 6 F: a - z blogging challenge

There is a reason I didn't post yesterday.  I was really mad at someone close to me.  So mad I couldn't see straight.  It is amazing how things spiral out of control when you let your emotions take over.  You can get so mad that only hurt comes out of your mouth and your reasoning skills go out the window.  I am sadly guilty of this.  Of course at the time it all "feels" logical but that is the problem feelings aren't logical.  They get us into all sorts of trouble and pain.  So think the best of someone. Forgive them for their failing and hope they will forgive you for yours.  Life is to short to be bitter and we are all too emotional not to make our own stupid mistakes or incorrect assumptions.  So to the person I was mad at I am sorry and I love you and lets be friends.

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