Saturday, April 2, 2011

A- Z blog Challenge day 1 A

Day one of the challenge and all I can think about is I have to inventory and it needed to be done tommorow.  I've tried to get out of it but seems to be required part of being in business for my self.  So A is for A bad idea of  being lazy and not doing it way back when.  It is such a huge job because I have way too much stuff.  so here is to A new start and better bookkeeping for this next year.  It's April and I have only started entering receipts for this year but at least I have started.  Another huge A  ALWAYS backup your FInancial FIles on your computer.  I'm in the huge mess I am in because my computer died and I didn't back up anything.  Too Lazy ---so lazy I made extra work for myself.  And the last one ALways be ready to Adapt to the market.  I got in a market this summer but they have too many jewelry vendors--same story everywhere I tried so I am expanding my line to all the non jewelry stuff magnets, magnet boards, cute little tins, bookmarks, cell phone charms, zipper pulls,  wire embelished vases, jewelry organization boards, you name it if it isn''t jewelry but uses beads I'm making it and it will probably sell better my last show I sold all Magnets, bookmarks, and cell phone charms so hopefully my booth will be hot as I'm selling all those impulse buy items.  And I'm on the waiting list to sell jewelry so hopefully they will let me sell jewelry sometime before the end of the summer.

these are all available in my artfire store

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