Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Education -day 5 a to z blogging challeng

What can I say about Education ---  I seem to learn so much more as an adult I never took art classes in school as I played an instrument.  Should have did art as I wasn't any good at playing an instrument.  I tried my hardest and didn't give up but I dropped it as soon as school ended and never missed it.  Well I picked it up a time or two but ....art is more interesting a varied.  I am constantly learning how to make something new.  I use to quilt way back when and tried sewing a bit but I was never perfectionistic enough to make something look awsome especially things like little ruffle sleeves and hems.  I tried out ribbon embroidery and smocking which I soon discovered when I moved back to Idaho that smocking is not something people do here.  So then I took up homeschooling and the only artsy stuff was what ever we did for school and drawing nature journals.  I learned way more at homeschool then I did growing up too.  But then my kids went off to public school as I had this awful thing call fibromyalgia that made me tire and sore all the time.  When the kids went back to school I was lost I had nothing to do with myself because homeschooling had been my hobby, job, lifestyle, everything I put all my energy into it and now there was a huge hole.  So my hubby thought I needed a hobby.. said take a class do something to get yourself past this.  So I took a jewelry making class because the other classes were full but I don't do anything half way so within two years I was teaching my own jewelry classes, selling on ETSY, and artfire and for the last year doing shows.   But there are so many other jewelry artists out there that I have had to branch out to make something I could sell so now I have spread my wings looking for new things to do.  I started  making magnets, then magnet boards, then other things with decorative paper like decorating tins, notebooks, jars, what ever I could find.  And my next project is a floor cloth for my booth.  I bought the cloth so tommorow I am teaching myself with the wonderful world of the computer how to make a floor cloth.  The first thing I have to do is sponge it down with hot water and let it dry so it can shrink then I have to fold and iron the edges and sew them for the hem.  Then will come the fun stuff painting.  It looks like I need latex paint so I will be off to the store to check out all the reject paint colors  I want to make something with hotpink, pink, brown maybe Still gotta figure it out.  I am thinking I might go with stripes except that would mean I would have to be a perfectionist and get them straight maybe pink in the middle with a boarder of stenciled flowers that sounds easier.  Hmm I am off to find pictures and ideas off the internet
how about this one maybe to busy
a little to simple
hey no straight lines this would work with a pink background no white for me
i suppose I could do this for stripes but might look to homemade

maybe a little bit of a mix of all of them.  

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  1. I like your pink lampwork bracelet. It is beautiful. I don't know what kind of education that takes, but I've tried making bracelets and it's harder than it looks.