Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 3 C :a to z blog challenge

Crunched for time.  That seems to be my life.  It always seems there is something that doesn't get done.  The dog doesn't get a haircut or a walk, dinner is late, nothing is cleaned up, projects are days late, special orders are calling to me,  I have jewelry shows and classes to plan and prepare for I have a surprise jewelry party to throw Thursday and a Jewelry Open House at my House the 15th of April and I need to send out invites to that and get everything ready.  so much to do so little time.  I am trying to plan out my booth for this summer which is impossible to do in my head but I guess the Open house will let me try out some ideas.  I am making tons of magnets and other stuff so I have a good backup supply since I will be doing a weekly show.  Here are a few of my ideas for my booth.
bright pink and white gerber daisies
pink or white table clothes
my big black walls to hang up my magnet boards and lots of  of tulle and flowers

I really want to make or buy one of these flag banners with my store name

Then I still need to find some really cute rug or floor mat thinking of maybe a painting floor throw and paint i bright pink with flowers or just stripes even.
maybe with cute flowers  hmm 


  1. Some great ideas there.Love the flag bunting idea.

  2. love the gerber daisies! they are my fav flower, simple, but make a big statement

    stopping in from the A to Z