Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bloggins is so cool Day 2 a-z blogging challenge

Blogging is so cool.  And I have learned so much surfing through blogging world.  I go to  my friends blog and look at their links after reading their cool posts and then I am off to make a new friend.  Being a stay at home mom with my own business I spend alot of time home alone or with my kids.  It is so nice to share the struggles and triumphs of all the people out there doing the same thing.  All my friends here don't have their own business, don't care about jewelry and have their own interests.  So this is one way I can connect without leaving home.  Believe me it doesn't replace the friends I have but it sure does feed that need to communicate with others and learn and share.  Oh and I'm always coming across giveaways and I win alot because I share it with everyone and hopefully help out that blogging friend and it does pay to share others.  We all help each other grow our business, learn new things, get new ideas, brain storm, you name it.

  So now that being said I looked at my blog followers and did a double take in one day I went from 30 followers to 44.  And now I have a question for you all.  I am going to have a give away on my blog but I don't know what It should be.  So I want you all to peruse my shops and tell me what you would like to win.  Then I will pick a few of those things and have a really sweet giveaway just for all of you sweet people that are following me now and leave such encouraging comments for me on my blog.  thanks for all the comments this blog is the only place I get positive feedback on my stuff--don't get none at home so a huge thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

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